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Versatile & fun, Truth or Dare cards trigger conversation, giggles & action.  Toss a couple of cards  to jazz up a mystery bag, or package 3 cards in a sleeve and sell them in packs.  


Purchase this product once, then print & package it at home whenever you want, forever.


This print-at-home pdf bundle includes:

- one sheet of 10 unique all-ages 2-sided Truth or Dare cards 

- Truth or Dare pre-made sleeve template

- a blank sleeve template so YOU, if you so desire,can design your own sleeve with your own branding!


You will also need: 

- cardstock to print on

- a printer

- a paper cutter

- 2 1/4"x4 1/4" clear cello bags*

*You can buy these bags from me or at


EMAIL ME for the link to a How-to Packaging video.


Truth or Dare PACKS suggested retail $3


Print-at-Home ALL AGES Truth or Dare cards

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