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About The Venderia

The Venderia is the brain child of Taylor Valdés.  It started just for fun in 2013 with one glittery blue, cash-only, moderately reliable  vending machine placed at Beulahland.  Customers loved the unexpected product offerings, mystery bags and inner animals, and so slowly but surely The Venderia grew, adding more and better machines to its fleet. 

To date, every one of our vending machines has been hand painted by Matt Stanger.  In 2022, Matt took over most of the machine stocking and currently handles a good deal of day to day to operations.

In the last decade, The Venderia  has vended the works of over 100 Portland artists, been featured in countless media outlets,  and inspired many other vending machine business nationwide. 
Our machines thrive in a variety of venues from dive bars to hip hotels, community centers to food cart pods.  We are proud to work with independent, local business owners, creative thinkers and makers.

The Venderia is woman-owned, Latina-owned, Portland born & based.  


Media Hype!

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