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I got an email today letting me know that the Venderia at Paymaster was swallowing coins and not registering payment. Oh no.

Whenever a machine acts up, I always fear the worst. Is this it? Am I gonna be able to fix it? What if I need to buy a new board? What if I can't get the right part? How annoyed is the bar gonna be if the machine sits broken? I decided to wait til rush hour was over before heading to Paymaster to investigate. I worried through dinner. Worried as I stuffed mystery bags (might as well restock if I'm going there). Worried on the drive.

But when I arrived... relief! The fix was simple. Someone had forced a dollar coin into the coin slot. That created a jam. Quarters were all over the inside of the machine, but once I picked them all out, my dear Maquina #2 worked like a champ.

Then, while I was restocking, a lovely pair of ladies came by holding vintage photos, a handful of army men, marbles, a bird, candy crayons, and a few empty mystery bags. They smiled and told me the Venderia had made their night. Based on the evidence, I believed them.

Now I'm happy the machine malfunctioned tonight.

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