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Happy Vending New Year!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

The holiday season is thankfully over & we can all get back to business. These are the Venderia's new year's resolutions.

1. More machines. I want at least 5 machines placed in 2014. There is no shortage of good locations, just gotta make it happen.

2. More artwork. It would be nice to always have local art in the machine. I've been reluctant to put a call out to artists via craigslist b/c I am afraid of having to sort through endless images of strangers' ugly art, but that may be the inevitable next step.

3. Weirder stuff. We gotta hit the yard sales & free boxes hard this year to really stock up on people's odd hand-me-downs and discards. I may also need to partner w/ some freaky pickers with eyes for the unusual. Maybe I should learn how to use Ebay. You can buy cheap weird stuff on Ebay, right? How about cheap 45s?

4. CREATE A RECYCLING PROGRAM. This may be the most important resolution. Right now I am spending about 3 hrs per week assembling the "rock rolls" that we use for uniformly weighting the mystery bags. It's tedious and takes time away from other more interesting work that also needs getting done.

Alright everybody, wish me luck on this! If you have suggestions, art submissions, or an idea on how to tackle these resolutions, get in touch w/ me. Own a bar and want the Venderia in it? Definitely get in touch:

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