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As expected, the Venderia wedding was bizarre, outlandish, incomprehensible to most,

ridiculously fun for all .

The machine was decked out in a stunning light blue veil bedazzled with googley eyes. The groom looked dapper in tails, a top hat & bowtie. The attire of attendees ranged from clashing plaid 3-piece suits, to full-on leather rock n roll get ups, 80s prom gowns covered in blood, tuxedos, Canadian tuxedos, and everyday bar wear.

Bride & Groom

Our bartender cued up "Love is all Around" by the Troggs, and the ceremony began with the flower girl, dressed in an acid-wash denim jumpsuit and a John Oates-inspired mustache, skipping down the aisle tossing Muscle Men to the crowd. She was followed by 3 couples of bridesmaids (wearing Canadian tuxedos) & groomsmen. When everyone had taken their positions, I, the officiator, read a few moving, heart-felt words about robo-sapien love off a roll of toilet paper. Greg then told us all the history of his love affair with the machine. He used a dollar to buy the Venderia's vows, and the machine explained her love for Greg.

He bought a the machine's garter. Tossed to the crowd. And then we all ate cake & listened to INXS. The cake was DELICIOUS. (Nice job, Rita!)

Greg has all the good pictures. Hopefully I'll upload some better ones. But at least you get an idea of what this party was like.

It makes me really happy to have been a part of this wedding, not only because I adore Greg, but because I aspire to reach Church of Elvis levels of eccentricity. In college I had a 4-way lesbian at the 24 Hour Church of Elvis. It was great. And whenever people compare the Venderia to Church of Elvis I am superbly complimented.

The Cake

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