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Good Vending Stock Haul!!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We scored. I hadn't been to the bins in nearly 2 months, thanks to all the extra running around brought on by the holiday season. Kelli convinced that instead of taking a nap in my car, we should go to the Bins. She was right.

Wow! People in need of classic cassette tapes, VHS movies, and good reading material ought to get to the closest Venderia ASAP. Fear & Loathing, To Wong Foo, Legends of the I'm Falling in Love with Brad Pitt, Big Lebowski!

On the Road, 1984, Hamlet, Lonesome Dove! (I'll admit I have no idea what the deal with Lonesome Dove is, but Kelli swears by it.) and, NO ONE should live without Michael Jackson "Bad" or Paul Simon "Graceland." Seriously, I cannot imagine life without those 2 albums.

The mystery bags are extra saucy right now, too!

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