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Vending Machine Online Class
Interested in creative,
non-traditional vending

But Don't know where to start? 

The Venderia is thrilled to bring you a 6-part online course covering all the ins and outs of starting a successful, nontraditional vending machine business. And just like our vending machines, there is nothing boring about it!

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Videos at
your own pace!

  • How to evaluate potential locations

  • Where to buy your vending machine

  • What to look for in a vending machine

  • What to look for in a vending machine

      Sourcing, pricing & managing inventory

  • Creating a profitable and efficient product mix

  • How to pitch and successfully land great locations

  • Branding & customizing your machine,

      inside & out

  • Packaging tips & tricks

Purchasing Our
course also gets you




Using the power of video calls,
meet and talk vending with business 
owners all over the country operating
creative vending machines.

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