Shift your mood the EASY way- with color therapy glasses.  A colorful tint to all you see will change your perspective.  

Rose-colored lenses are a gentle mood booster.  Pink lenses reduce eye strain, improve depth perception and make greens look more lush and verdant.  

Blue lenses have a calming effect on the eyes and enhance the perception of contours.  Blue is associated with clarity, decisiveness and clear communication.  

Red light is subconciously associated with safety.  Seeing through red lenses inspires feelings of protection and warmth akin to being back in the womb.  

Violet lenses help you tune out, turn on and tap into your creativity.  

Lemon  lenses enhance vision, improve clarity and definition.  When worn at night or in the evening, these glasses help you hold on to the brightness of day.   

Color Therapy glasses