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A sunny weather staple!  Color therapy glasses are a huge with customers.  They are cute, make any photo more fun & provide the wearer with an immediate perspective shift.


The Venderia's colory therapy glasses packaging can be used with ANY color-lensed glasses.  We are partial to this heart-shaped style but do not have a preferred seller.  Prices on Alibaba change.  Shop around to get the best deal.  You should be able to get color therapy glasses for under $1/pair.  We retail ours $9-11, depending on the venue.


In addition to purchasing glasses, you'll need COLORED paper or card stock & a printer to use this packaging.  


You are welcome to adapt/tweak this packaging to suit your needs.  Like if you want to adjust the sizing, add cut lines or even create your own additional color files.  For example, you may notice I do not supply packaging for the color brown, but if you want to sell brown (or orange or black)  in your mix & keep the packaging consistent, go for it. 


Please do NOT use the color fortunes for any other applications besides color therapy glasses.  

Print-at-Home Color Therapy Glasses packaging

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