The Venderia is a collection of weird

and whimisical vending machines 

created, owned and operated by Taylor Valdés

in beautiful Portland, Oregon. 

The Venderia started in June 2013 with one glittery blue pinstriped vending machine at Beulahland.

If you live in Portland and like fun places, you've  seen our machines in some of your favorite bars, boutiques, hotels and restaurants.

Our fleet of machines is growing and we always welcome new artists to our network.

The Venderia is female-owned & operated and Latina-owned & operated.  We are COBID-certified.

You can read more about The Venderia here.

Better yet, experience us irl at one of these cool locations.


Vending Magic is a the behind-the-scenes 

network of artists

creating and wholesaling original products
exclusively for vending machines. 
We are a resource for the creative vending revolution.

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