YouR Space, Our Machine

When you work with The Venderia, we tailor a machine to your venue.  Each of our vending machines is custom painted to fit your style, sized to fit your space, and curated to suit your customers' needs.

The Venderia brings you

1. FUN. We stock our machine with products that are unusual and engaging.  We rotate inventory every week, keeping your machine well-stocked with our best-selling products customers depend on, and new local art to keep them entertained.

2. Convenience. We stock our machine with useful stuff.  Don't make your customers walk to minimart for condoms. 

3. Friendship. We promote your events, sell the earrings your bartender makes, and let our world know why we think you're great.  We work with over 100 local artists.  When their work is in your machine, they tell their friends about you too.  


4. Rent. Every month we pay you rent. In cash.   

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