Ready to get into creative vending?
Vending Magic offers a variety of services to help YOUR vending machine business thrive. 
We can sell you our favorite make and model machine, have it delivered to any city in the USA, provide you with all the inventory you need to get started, offer technical support, and give you all the guidance you to hit the ground running.  When you buy a machine from us, you get access to our expanded online store for your 1st year in operation.
Our basic online store can keep your machines stocked. Our products are fun, affordable, and 100% packaged for vending.   For our licensees, we customize products to display your business info on all inventory ordered from our store. 
Licensees have permission to use the Vending Magic logo and all Vending Magic photos and marketing materials.  Licensees get access to a wider selection of products in our expanded online store.  Licensees also receive our super handy creative vending business manual and have access to our video tutorials.  
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